Under pressure for the new XPontus release

I am getting ready to release XPontus XML Editor next monday : looking here and there, for simple bugs I can fix or forgot to fix, looking at the plugins manager, etc.

Until next monday, I'll be busy to make sure the software is enough usable and stable so I'll be :

  • Creating and testing installers for windows, linux, mac os, bsd, unix
  • Updating the website
  • Coding utility scripts to automate the release announcement in some forums and mailing lists.
  • Fixing bugs time to time
I'll ship all the plugins that I have written and tested enough. So basically, you'll get a big fat and "features-full" version of XPontus. I cannot make a light installer of XPontus as the plugins manager is not enough stable yet. I won't ask all users to open a hidden folder, to copy some zip files and to handle the plugins dependencies logic by themselves.

I'll also have a java webstart version of XPontus but you'll have to install plugins by hand like in the snapshot version. I hope to come with ideas for the plugins manager soon.

I feel happy to release, I've been saying "next week, next month" for too long. I would have wanted to do more for that release but it would have taken few others months to achieve some significant improvements.

Stay tuned!

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