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I am testing Antlr as syntax lexer. I tried the SATC Framework which is based on Antlr and performs syntax highlighting on Java text components. I have to fix a lot of bugs and I am not sure that I will use Antlr at the end. My next try will be Javacc if I don't succeed.
I don't feel like writing every thing from scratch, but will do if I have no other choice using JFlex, Javacc or Antlr.

Here is a screenshot of XPontus-Devel. It is not good enough for syntax highlighting. I am using SATC for now.

Here is the status of XPontus XML Editor :

  • Bug fixes and improvements are complete
  • I change the Spring framework configuration file from XML format to plain text. It should reduce the startup time.
  • I need to remove unused files and reuse more code
  • Add file encoding detection : DONE
  • Replace JTidy by NekoHTML to clean HTML code : DONE
  • Add a schema generator/converter(XML, DTD, Relax NG, XML Shema) : DONE
  • Use a true lexer for syntax highlighting, code completion and outline view of the code: WORK IN PROGRESS.

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XPontus XML Editor project is doing all right. Hopefully I am not downloading every file :-). It is pleasant to see that some people are testing or using my software. The real problem is now syntax highlighting and code completion using true lexer support(javacc, antlr or jflex). I would like to use antlr or javacc to provide the code structure generation(outline view of the code).

Yves! What are you doing? Let's get back to coding!

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The code of XPontus is now in the SVN repository of sourceforge.

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I have finished the new release of XPontus XML Editor 1.0.0RC1. Still a long way to go.

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Java and user settings

I'm now closer to the RC1 release of XPontus XML Editor(

  • I discover JGoodies Bindings( usefulness today! It is better than using the observer pattern all the time.
  • I am using XStream( to save and reader the user's preferences. XStream is better than simple serialization in my opinion. With xstream you avoid incompatibilities between serializations according to the java version the user have(ie 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5).
There is still much to do:
  • Correct the XSLT scenarios settings for the new API
  • Check the code consistency
  • Verify if there aren't bugs left due to all the modifications in the API
  • Check if all existing functions are working well before adding new features

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