Code completion might be in next release of XPontus!

Code completion seems to be working well enough even though there are few bugs. Here is the complete status of the XML code completion plugin.

Code completion creation
I need to find a way to check if the schema(dtd/xml schema) location of the document is relative or absolute. For the moment, the code completion database is only created if the schema location is absolute.

Intelligent completion
I am now able to get an "almost reliable" suggestion list for code completion based on element insertion location. The suggestion list is sorted by name.

The completion window
It is very buggy. I get"nasty stuff" inserted when I try to select a suggested element. Sometimes, text is inserted twice or more. The completion doesn't have a scroller to view elements if their name are too long.

Completion database caching
I don't know how to do it correctly. I could serialize the completion database for now and store it in a folder.

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