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Thoughts about JavaFX

JavaFX has the potential to become something interesting. While there are many articles written about JavaFX, I have yet to see a non trivial JavaFX application. When browsing Dzone articles, it almost looks like JavaFX is popular, while it's not.

There's no amazing UI control and I am not sure that I could code an entire JavaFX application without writing few java classes. I am not fond of applets and I haven't written any for years. JavaFX doesn't solve the "applet problem".

I don't know about any cellular phone which is officially supporting JavaFX. I am also not aware of any software vendor distributing desktop applications written with that technology.

In my opinion, JavaFX is not ready for production use. What motivated the release of JavaFX? Maybe they've been advertising it for too long and they had to release something. I'll give JavaFX probably one more year before attempting to use it.

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