Multi-platform deployment

Java is multi-platform but Java applications don't behave the same on different OS. I was disappointed to see that XPontus is ugly on Vista. The tab names are in white color, while Windows Vista use translucent windows so... the tab names are almost invisible...

Is it reasonable to build installers for platforms I can't even test on??When a user is telling me, on windows vista I see that... On Vista, multiple pages printing doesn't work... what can I do?? Most of the time I run Linux, I do have Windows installed to perform XPontus tests but I don't really use Windows that often...

Sometimes I have an idea about what a problem is related to, on Vista or Mac but still... I don't have a Mac, I don't have Vista(which seems to be used a lot now)... I can't test on it

So basically I'm running Debian Linux all the time, building installers for OS which can run Java without testing it on those platforms.

I should probably add a notice on the XPontus homepage NEVER BEEN TESTED ON WINDOWS VISTA AND MAC

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