VFSJFileChooser to be released soon

Before releasing VFSJFileChooser, here are the features I would like to add :

  • A bookmarks manager : I found a bookmark dialog in some old jedit code, I might improve it and use it, at leastl for now.
  • A connection manager : You have to type the complete address with the username/password in the filename textfield to open a remote connection. I will be a simple dialog with few textboxes.
What have been fixed :
  • I patched commons-vfs to support http directs. For example : Trying to open http://vfsjfilechooser.sf.net/index.html would not work, I had to use http://vfsjfilechooser.sourceforge.net/index.html.
  • I removed the user credentials from the directory combobox

I need to 2 days to perform enough tests.

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