Some releases

I released the first beta of VFSJFileChooser yersterday. It will be integrated as a plugin in XPontus XML Editor.

XPontus snapshot release might hit sourceforge mirrors this friday. I will provide a link to the java web start download. I have a couple of bugs to fix :

  • The transformations profile editor isn't stable.
  • The preferences panel and the plugins manager are not ready yet
  • Code completion database doesn't support caching.
  • The XML schema completion is not ready(sometimes it works well, sometimes not)
  • I miss some informations in the plugins descriptors (author, homepage, etc.). This will be useful for the plugins manager and the preferences panel.
  • The xpath plugin is not stable.
I'll do my best to resolve the above issues. As it will be a java web start release, I'll be able to provide fixes on a daily basis according to the bug complexity. I'll attempt to fix the bugs reported in the previous versions of XPontus too!(If it is a new release, there must be some improvements!).

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