Almost there

Done today

  • I fixed some bugs in the transformation profiles
  • I completed the transformation profiles support for saxon6.x , saxon 8.x and stx and fop.
  • The outline plugin is behaving well
  • I took the time to test most parts of the program
  • I started programming the XML signature module
Remaining issues
  • Code completion
    • The code completion doesn't work well with nested schemas
    • The code completion doesn't store a cache on the user's hard drive
    • I need to add built-in completion for XSL, Apache ant files, xml schemas, HTML
  • Virtual file system
    • The implementation is not complete(ssh, ftp, smb)
    • Sometimes I hardcoded the files path. I should always use a filesystem abstraction so that remote files can be found.
  • Users settings
    • In the previous versions of xpontus there was no plugins so I had a big panel with a tree to browse and set the preferences
    • Now most parts of the software are plugins and some of them can/should be customized by the user(font color, encoding, etc.)
    • I should write a settings importer for the old versions of XPontus
    • Using a relational database to store user settings might not be a good idea. If I upgrade XPontus and there are some major changes in the API, then all the users settings are gone unless I keep lots of old code in the program. I might revert to XStream which serialize objects in XML. If XStream API changes, I can still parse the data.
  • Plugin management
    • Because there are plugins the plugins browser must be at least able to install, list, remove plugins. I will think about the upgrade later.
    • The themes and icons modules are not ready yet. I need a settings initializer because the theme and icon set must be known before loading the program
  • Expression evaluator
    • The expression evaluator is not working well when evaluating xpath expressions. If the result is a boolean value, then no navigation link should be provided to look at the result. Sometimes it seems that the xpath expression is correct but no result is returned...
    • The xquery expression evaluator should have it's own output window to display the result. Sometimes the result is a node, but sometimes it will be plain text or whatever else.

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