Everything is going smooth

I am working on XPontus' user settings. Most of them are working now. It is taking me forever to code it. Dealing with lots of user settings is a huge pain.

I choose not to use my fatal combo(JGoodies Bindings + XStream) all the time. Using both a good binding framework and a good serialization framework makes the hard work easy. But when you change your model classes then your serialization data is useless. You have to delete them all and to store them again. Therefore the user lose all his saved settings. However if you use simple text files(xml, properties file), you can easily discard deprecated data, restore it, etc. The counterpart is that it will take you time to code it all.

Here is my schedule :
- Finish the user settings Monday
- Have a functional plugins browser(Friday)
- Fix as many bugs as possible in the code completion plugins (saturday)
- Test all the software features (Sunday)
- Make an official release date of the 1.0.0-pre1_alpha1 version

There will be 3 releases 1.0.0_pre1_alpha branch I guess. I plan to release a new alpha every month. After 3 months, xpontus 1.0.0-pre1 shall become the stable release.

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