About XPontus and VFSJFileChooser

Lately, I keep receiving questions about VFSJFileChooser and XPontus. Even if I didn't answer, I did read all the emails. I thank you all for your interest and your comments.

I have started to relocate to Toronto and I am still looking for a new job which is my primary focus right now. I am still looking at XPontus and VFSJFileChooser APIs time to time(the good, the bad and the ugly).

I intend to work again on those projects as soon as I'll become professionaly stable again.

Thank you for understanding that.

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2 Responses to About XPontus and VFSJFileChooser

delvinj said...

Good luck with the job hunt buddy.


Yves Zoundi said...

Thanks Daniel, see you later on IRC.

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