XPontus will be available soon

I'll release a version of XPontus XML Editor sometime in May. I got a copy of Windows Vista installed and I've been doing some bug fixes for Windows Vista.

I'll try to dedicate 3 days to complete and test the plugins manager(Install/Uninstall). I believe it's possible. If I come up with a good strategy, the rest will be easy.

The roadmap for 1.0.02 :

  • Install/Uninstall features in the plugins manager
  • Tab names visibility in Windows Vista
  • Printing isssues on windows vista
  • Fix indentation which is sometimes crashing the editor when the XML is not well-formed
  • VFSJFileChooser integration
  • A minor rewrite of the XSL transformation to specify a transformation type(XQuery for example)
  • file extensions registration to mime types
  • XPath 2.0 plugin
  • file encoding issues
  • Update the user guide and the developer guide

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