Yes I am still maintaining XPontus XML Editor!

I've been really busy at work. I didn't have time to work on XPontus XML Editor . I will try to create a new release in november. My main concern is code completion. Any decent IDE or code editor has code completion :-).
Some people have sent me features request about XPontus. I will add them in the next release. It doesn't bother me to receive emails but I would like to see some features requests at the sourceforge project page :-). Except the number of downloads and the homepage, it doesn't look that active! I hope I will be able to add a plugin framework for the last release candidate xpontus-1.0.0rc2.

I've been learning Python last week. It is a pretty good language and it is very simple. I've been programming few GUIs using XrCed and WxPython. I still have few problems but I will find a way... I miss java interfaces, but hopefully the Zope project has something called zopeinterface. I will soon digg into it.
For Web programming the only interesting frameworks I would like to work with are Turbogears or Django.

I will try to learn a little bit of Perl next week :-)

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